About Us (SEF Nepal)

The Solar Energy Foundation (SEF Nepal) is non-governmental organization dedicated to promote renewable energy technologyies and climate change. The organization is formed in 2003 under the Society Registration Act 1977 of Government of Nepal (GoN). It is registered with the Kathmandu District Administration in Nepal.

SEF Nepal performs research in new and renewable energy technologies and carryout entire activities related with development, dissemination and promotion of beneficial energy conversion systems in an organized way.

SEF Nepal is equally involved in development and training. It has initiated various steps towards the formulation of necessary rules, regulations, laws and policies in cooperation with GoN and related agencies for the timely development, dissemination and promotion of renewable energy related technologies.

General assembly is composed of general members, life members and founder members of SEF Nepal. Executive Committee is composed of elected Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a General Secretary, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a maximum six numbers of Executive Members The prominent individuals of science and technology, parliamentarians, journalists, lawyers, industrialists, social workers and experts represent advisory Board of SEF-Nepal.

Contact Us

SEF Nepal
Baphal, kathmandu
Tel. (01) 4254313
Email: info@sef.org.np